Fixing Your Guitar in the Boston Area

Whether you’re just learning to play guitar or you’re already a skilled strummer, your favorite “axe” is an extension of yourself.  Finding a guitar repair doctor will be a crucial part of customizing your specific requirements and maintaining your instrument in peak condition.  Fortunately, Boston is not only the home of some legendary shredders, it also boasts some of the best guitar repair techs around. Here’s some suggestions on finding the right guitar master for you and your six-string baby. 

When in Doubt, Ask the Experts

When it comes to finding a great repair shop, recommendations from other Bean-town guitar players is often the best place to start.  A good boston guitar repair shop will have been in business a long time and have an established reputation. They will often be a favorite of area artists as well.  Whether you’re looking for a simple string replacement or need to replace a cracked headstock, chances are your fellow players can point you in the right direction and help you find a shop that will do a top-notch rebuild on your instrument.

Do Your Research

boston guitar repair

Maybe you have a highly specialized repair, or the guitar in question is a unique vintage model that requires special knowledge and a delicate touch.  Investing some time in online research can help you find a fix-it shop that focuses on difficult repairs or refurbishing older models.  Putting some effort into online investigation can also provide reviews from other musicians as to the cost, quality, speed, and durability of the work performed. 


If you’re short on funds but need to get your jazz box making music again quickly, investigate some DIY videos online.  It’s possible that you could do enough of a quick patch job until you can get enough time to take it to an expert.

With a little research, you should be able to find the right fix-it specialist your guitar needs to be back up and playing at full melodic power again.